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  • Whistlin’ in the Rain

    After Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown song I’m whistlin’ in the rain, oh!, I’m whistlin’ in the rain, What a marvelous parade to walk here not in vain: The streets are slippy and wet, but my heart is fun and set For a new summer to see every wonder and let The clouds of my life […]

  • Example of conviction (speaks the bold man): Dead, we will lose everything. Alive, we have nothing to lose.

  • Example of conviction (speaks the wanderer): The path comes from my feet.

  • Example of conviction (speaks the lover): As long as I have air within my lungs, and thoughts behind my eyes, I will love you.

  • I Wish I Smelt Jasmines Giving Their Greetings

    I wish I smelt jasmines giving their greetings To a dying Sun whose lasting rays are not The perishable hands of mine that allot Rough or smooth as clear sensations to all things. Those rays are accurate spears hurting a lot The sight of men as well as the air that brings To every being […]

  • Limenian Woman

    After Jim and The Doors   To N. L. C., Doors fan, in her birthday Well, I’ve just been going crazy for an hour or so Crossing all the town, no place in sight to go, Stuck here in a combi while outside all the wind blows. Then I saw you, pretty lady, in the […]

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